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About us

Since 1991 SVM Freestechniek is specialised in CNC milling, especially in hardmilling and SVMLOGOvrijmicromilling. The CEO of SVM Freestechniek, mr. Hans Smits, took this decision after years as a millingspecialist and sales experience as a technical, commercial accountmanager in the metalworking industry.

Our productrange contains CAD-CAM software for 3- and 5 axis milling operations, toolholders, endmills, taps and drills, reamers and burnishing tools.With this specificproductrange we fulfill the needs of the customer who demands the best as possible in accuracy, reliability and above all, quality.

To achieve this we use our vast experience, but besides that “state of the art” CAD-CAM software of CAMTOOL (C&G systems), highly accurate milling machine (Yasda YBM-640V), toolholders (MST Corporation), endmills and drills (Union Tool) and burnishing tools (Sugino) who all compete at the top of the market. In our own test and demonstration shop we can present all the above products in real life.

Because of the close cooperation with SVM Freestechniek, we can make the difference between “standard” and “top quality”.

We can also offer training possibilities on location or in our workshop in hard- and micromilling. Please contact us for more information. So if you have a problem in milling in hardened steel with getting supreme surface smoothness and accuracy than don’t look any further, you have just found the ideal business partner.

Give yourself the opportunity to be convinced!